Thestia Winery

In the Municipality of Thestia, Prefecture of Aetoloacarnania, beauty knows no season! The area is characterized by wild natural environment, rare flora and fauna, calm traditional villages, natural paths, picturesque hills and valleys, and a lake of incomparable natural beauty, the lake Trichonida. Furthermore, it is a place of historical interest with remarkable archaeological findings. In this privileged geographic position, and specifically in the village Kainourgio, Konstantinos Moutsos established in 1998 the Thestia Winery.

The wider area enjoys an ideal mesoclimate favouring viticulture. The specific geo-climatic conditions contribute perfectly to the production of excellent wine raw material. Thestia Winery cultivates indigenous varieties, such as Malagouzia, Asyrtiko and Mavrodaphne, as well as international varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah.

The products of Thestia Winery are authentic representatives of the land where they come from, the unique character of its soil, as well as the experience and the knowledge of the oenologists that produce them and take care of them. Special attention is paid to the production of limited quantity, but excellent quality wine on a daily basis, by implementing traditional production methods and specialized preservation conditions.

Thestia Winery aims to create a small wine family, exquisite and exclusive. In this way, with both discipline and pleasure, the uniqueness of the aetolian land remains unchanged, continuously offering the best over the centuries.