Tetramythos is a boutique winery situated at Ano Diakopto of Egialia,on the slopes of mount Aroania, in north Peloponnese. Our vineyards (14 ha) are situated at an altitude of 600-1050m, are cultivate with organic way and due to the mesoclimate, the soil and the exposure to the Gulf of Korinthos breeze, as well the cultivation technics, they provide us with excellent grape quality. Indigenous and international grape varieties (roditis, Mavro Kalavritino, agiorgitiko, malagouzia, sauvignon blanc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon) after vinification at the technological perfect winery produce PDO and PGI wines.

The winery impressive and tastefull is in absolute harmony with the surrounding environment. The inside of the building designed with attention to the smallest detail. It remains functional and looks nothing like an industrial building. Small stainless steel tanks provide small scale vinification per variety and vineyard. The underground ageing and barrel cellars and a wine bar complete a wine passion atmosphere. More than 12.000 visitors visit our winery every year.