Strofilia Winery (Anavyssos)

The story of the Strofilia company began in 1980 when two friends and colleagues, engineers Giannis Maltezos and Achilleas Lampsidis, decided to plant vines on the Maltezou family estate, located in Tourkochorafo near Anavyssos. They selected foreign varieties with a view to producing a superior wine. At the same time, they repaired the old wine press and pressed their first vintage using traditional methods. The wine was bottled and named Strofilia. The two wine varieties were warmly received by the market and led to a larger production and utilisation of the existing potential of the area, in other words, the Savatiano and Rhoditis varieties.

In 1985, another friend, chemist Vassilis Vlachos, joined the Strofilia company. A small, modern winery was built in 1988 on the estate of Giannis Maltezos, upgrading the quality of the products and helping to boost production and the expanded cooperation with vintners in Anavyssos.

Since 2004, the new Strofilia Winery (Anavyssos) has been the centre of production of Strofilia white wines. It is adorned both inside and out by works of art made by modern artists, and includes dozens of vats, storage areas with the appropriate conditions for wine and an independent reception area for visitors where wine tastings and other wine-related events are held.

The vineyards

The vineyards in Anavyssos, Attica, mainly produce Savatiano grapes. With a particular emphasis on low yield per hectare, a better quality of grapes is achieved. The climate is quite dry, with a mild winter, little rainfall and a very hot and dry summer. The varieties grown there include Cabernet Sauvignon, Savatiano, Assyrtiko and Ugni Blanc.