Semeli was founded in 1979, aiming the creation of high quality Greek wines. It was the culmination of a vision, which was made from the love for the Greek land combining with a pioneering technology.

It all began at the foot of Penteli mountain where a boutique vineyard was established. At that time the differentiation was made by planting “innovative” grape varieties and using new cultivation methods. The company then proceeded to acquire vineyards in the Peloponnese, at Nemea and Mantinea. Ater some time a new impressive winery was constructed at Nemea. The new winery was helping Semeli paving its own wine routes. The wines produced reflect both the characteristics of their varieties and the regions so they rapidly gain devotees. They simultaneously become the favorites of the Greek wine opinion leaders and the simple wine lovers, in and out of Greece.

Nowadays, the emphasis is on developing indigenous Greek varieties, which is consistently supported by the effort to maintain a good price – quality ratio, while the company upholds firm values such as the human factor, the quality raw materials and the pioneering technology. Moreover, Semeli is developing wine tourism, since the Nemea winery has the capacity for organizing tours and providing accommodation and meals for the lovers of Greek wine.