Papantonis Winery

Papantonis Winery was established in Argos in 1992 by brother and sister Anthony and Kallie Papantonis. In 1979, Anthony Papantonis decided to leave the bustling capital and the fast-paced life of a technocrat economist and live near nature and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle while working with vines and wines. At that time, he bought an estate in Malandreni which is within the wine-producing zone of Nemea, just outside and northwest of Argos. He settled there and planted vines. Combining his more than 10-year experience in grape-growing, winemaking and markets with the unique skills of his sister Kallie in marketing, they decided to create their own labels. The company focuses on only two local Greek varieties (Agriorgitiko and Roditis) and on one international variety (Chardonnay) with the aim of producing the best possible wine from Agiorgitiko and a mix of Rodits-Chardonnay. Within this framework, the company respects and promotes local products, while remaining faithful to the meaning of their label names (Meden Agan, meaning “nothing in excess” and Metron Ariston, meaning “moderation is best”) and at the same time reflecting the moral values of the Papantonis family. By maintaining low productivity and high wine quality, they aim to provide flawless and personalised service to each customer from all over the world. Their desire is to remind them in practice that moderation is the best approach to life. As such, the facilities of the winery in Argos, which are open to the public, began producing Meden Agan red wine and Metron Ariston white (65% Roditis-35% Chardonnay). Since 2003, and depending on the harvest, the winery has been also producing a sweet wine made from Agiorgitiko grapes called Lysimelis.