A very old Greek variety, Roditis, an amazing wine zone, the mountains of Egialia and a Greek pioneer oenologist-winemaker, Aggelos Rouvalis are the source of Oenoforos. Add other native varieties (lagorthi) and other modern international ones (chardonnay, sauvignon blan, cabernet saunignon, syrah). Add an important name in Greek wine (Vassilis Kourtakis) and a gifted new oenologist (Tasos Drosiadis). Dream of a modern, simple winery which works based on the law of gravity, built on six different levels and with an area at every level in which something different is being done (harvesting-fermentation-bottling-aging etc)”.

This text is an introduction to a rare wine zone, that in which the Oenoforos winery is located and which Mrs. Kourakou, the honorary president of the OIV, has refered to as one of the most interesting wine zones in the world!

Vines – balconies above the Corinthian Gulf, at an altitude of 500 – 1000m, exposed to the northeast, and protected by the warm southerly winds, thanks to the central mountains of the Peloponnese, with them at their backs. Fertile soil which drains well, growers passionate about quality, who have made the area the producer of dry black currant in the world! (PDO Vostizza).

Since 1990 the wine Aeprolithi of Oenoforos has held sway as the most prestigious and emblematic wine of the Roditis variety. A range of wines under the brand name “Mikros Vorias” (“Little North Wind”) includes white wines, rosés and reds, mainly from international grape varieties, with a fresh and fruity taste adapted to modern tastes. The range of wines “Ianos” (“Janus”) includes red and white wines from the barrel, with great aging potential and durability. Very important distinctions, awards and articles in international competitions and publications consistently confirm the quality the consumer tastes, tasting the wines of Oenoforos.