Nemeion Estate

His continuous search for Greek varieties brought oenologist and third generation winemaker Giorgos Vassiliou to Nemea. There he created the winery Nemeion Estate, which is open to visitors, has taken its name from Ancient Nemea and is a sophisticated isobaric winery at the heart of modern Nemea. Simple but impressive, it includes 5 levels without windows. In two places there are atria, which create natural lighting that reaches all the way down to the underground cellar. On the ground flour, apart from the space for sorting and bottling, a “Wine Museum” is being created with the results of years of collecting by Giorgos Vassiliou. On the first floor there is a large hall with a view of the vineyard and the hills of Nemea which is multifunctional (restaurant, tastings, events, multimedia etc.), while on the last level there are 6 suites for the hosting of the visitors.

Nemeion Estate’s vineyards are located in 3 areas of the broad wine-producing area of Nemea: 20 acres in Koutsi, 35 in Petri and 60 in Asprokampos. They are cultivated organically, certified by DIO and are at an altitude of approximately 420-650 meters with a slope of 4% to 10% and 600-70 vines planted per hectare, with selected clones of agiorgitiko aged 15-25 years. 10.000 bottles of PRO Nemea Reserve, with the label “Nemeion Estate” and 10.000 bottles of PDO Nemea Grand Reserve with the label “Sovereign” are produced by these and are wines produced by a well planned and carefully monitored wine-making process, suitable for a long aging of 15-20 years.