Moraitis Winery

The Moraitis Winery is located in Naoussa of Paros, near the beach of Aghioi Anargyroi. It was founded in 1910 and has since been passed from generation to generation of the Moraitis family.

Its single-complex premises include the winemaking, production, bottling and storage areas, and the old winery building, which hosts the underground ageing cellars, the wine museum, and the wine tasting area. The Moraitis Winery owns 18,000 m2 of organic vineyards in selected vine cultivation areas of the island, mostly faeturing the indigenous varieties of Paros: Monemvasia, Mandilaria, Aidani Black, Vaftra and Karampraimi. Other Greek varieties such as Assyrtiko and Malagouzia are also cultivated.

The vision of Manolis Moraitis, a third generation winemaker and continuer of tradition, is to preserve the character of the local vineyards and reveal the quality of their varieties. The vineyards of Paros are historical traditional Aegean vineyards with roots in the Cycladic era (3,200 – 2,000 BC). According to research, Paros is the ark that saved the variety Monemvasia (Malvasia) from the time of the Venetian rule to today. The vineyards of the island are dry soiled and scattered, arranged in terraces on mountain slopes and fenced with stone walls. In Paros we witness the unique wine growing technique of “aplotaria”, which allows the vine to spread on the ground, so that the grapes are protected from the sun and strong winds. The island´s dry sandy soil with high clay content, mild winters with low rainfall and hot summers with cool winds, form the ideal conditions for producing high quality wines.

The average production of the Moraitis winery reaches 300,000 bottles a year. About 30% is exported to the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, etc. The wines of the Moraitis winery are:

• Paros Moraiti (White – PDO)
• Paros Moraiti (Red – PDO)
• Paros Reserve Moraiti (PDO)
• Ktima Moraiti White – Malagouzia (PGI)
• Ktima Moraiti Rose – Aidani Black & Mandilaria (PGI)
• Sillogi Moraiti (White – PGI)
• Sillogi Moraiti (Red)