Award-winning Methymnaeos in the remote village of Chidira is the first professional winery in the history of Lesvos, an island with an age-old winemaking tradition dating from mythical times. We have been in operation since 1985, following these three principles:

First, all our wines, the red, the white wine from red grapes and our uniquely original orange wine are exclusively made from the unusual red grape variety Chidiriotiko of the island of Lesvos.

Second, our three wines are not just made with organic grapes, but are truly organic, and the whole production process from vineyard to the bottle is entirely natural.

And finally, all the grapes that we use in the making of our wines are grown in the western part of Lesvos on the same lava which created the Petrified Forest of the island. This gives our wines a rather distinctive minerality, perceived as a long, earthy aftertaste, reminiscent of the fragrance of the rich, volcanic soil of Lesvos.

Our organic winery may be visited. For more information please check our website,