Mediterra Winery

In the heart of the designation of origin Peza, in the village of Kounavi in Crete, since 1973, the Mediterra Winery has made wine with knowledge and passion from the native varieties of the island, highlighted foreign varieties and used the wine dynamic of the area. The winery’s vision is the international recognition of Cretan grape varieties, the highlighting of foreign varieties which have successfully acclimated to the soil and climate of the island, and looking into and exploiting Greece’s wine dynamic as well. The name of the village where the winery is proves its long history in producing wine as it is related to the renowned presses “Kanaves” of the islands of the archipelago.

The Mediterra Winery produces wines which are distributed in Greece and in 25 countries throughout the world. These wines have been awarded medals in Greece and in international competitions abroad. The winery is certified with quality control systems from the vineyard to the final product and continues to offer wines to those for whom wine is a way of life! The terroir of the vineyards, positive energy and mood, love and knowledge are ideal conditions for the creation of wines that will introduce unique taste experiences to wine-lovers.

The Mediterra Winery offers a tasting hall so that the visitors have the chance to enjoy the winery’s wines. The winery is located 11 kilometers after Knossos in a southerly direction from Heraklion to Peza. The tour in the winery includes a tour of the winemaking spaces but also of the underground cellar, tasting of the wines and a documentary on the long history of viticulture in Crete.