Manousakis Winery

Wine is an old story, even for “new” wineries! The idea was born before the dusk of the 20th century…

Thoughts, studies, theories, reconsideration along with worries, doubt, anxiousness and mixed feelings characterizing all new beginnings -not to mention the establishment of a vineyard- are rooted in our brain and in our heart for more than 2 decades and have become a part of us. However, the implementation of the idea does not lack confidence, determination and boldness.

Everything started in 1993. Location: the hills south of Vatolakkos, Prefecture of Chania. Following the way to Omalos, right before climbing on the White Mountains, the visitor comes across the vineyards of Manousakis Winery – NOSTOS, lying at an altitude of 550-600 meters and a little bit lower, at 320-380 meters.

If you wonder about the name NOSTOS, just think what it means for Greeks to be away from their homeland. “Nostos” is what all immigrants dream about. The wine of Manousakis Winery – NOSTOS, as well as the effort itself is a dream coming true. It is the desire of Theodoros Manousakis to return to his homeland. It is all the emotions connected to the anticipated day of the return. Emotions emerging from every wine, printed on every label. Although the day of the return has not arrived yet, the idea grows slowly -like good old wine.

But why this emblem? The emblem of Manousakis Winery – NOSTOS and NOSTOS wines are three small flowers. It’s an easy guess for people who recognize them and know their names. In some places they are called “zampakia” and in some others “myrtoloulouda”. In Crete they are called… “manousakia”! These wonderful small flowers grow from the end of autumn until the beginning of April in hilly fields, mountain slopes and rocky areas. The wild “manousakia” give off an enchanting aroma overwhelming the small chapels, as women collect them to decorate the icons of Saints.

Each of the “manousakia” composing the emblem of Manousakis Winery – NOSTOS has its own name: Katerina, Tatiana, Alexandra; the “aroma” of the family of Theodoros Manousakis. The 3 “manousakia” of the emblem symbolize the 3 children of the winery’s founder. They lay there, in the emblem of Manousakis Winery – NOSTOS to express the love and respect for the Greek family. Symbols of love and respect for a Greek wine, produced with pleasure by a small group of people, like a small Greek family: the Greek wine NOSTOS.