Kamara Kioutsouki Estate

The company Kamara Winery S.A., with the distinctive title Kamara Kioutsouki Estate was founded in 2009. It is a family business where all family members participate actively in its operations. Our love and passion for quality Greek wine was the driving force for the establishment of our winery. Our foremost objective is to offer a quality product to all our customers. Therefore, besides the meticulous process of wine making we apply, our vineyards are all organically cultivated from the day our vineyards were first planted, so that the raw material meets our strict quality requirements.

Our winery started operations in July 2011

The Winery comprises the following facilities:
• Area for the reception and sorting of grapes
• Storage tanks with a total capacity of 150 tons.
• Aging station
• Bottling station
• Storage area for finished products
• Wine shop – showroom
• Wine tasting hall
• Administration – accounts dept.

For the production of our quality wines we use exclusively grapes from our private, organically farmed, vineyards. We farm mostly Greek grape varieties with our outmost love and passion.

The vineyards are located in a low-hill, sloped area with excellent draining characteristics mostly due to the different types of soil which range from clay sand to limestone, thus making them ideal for each variety. The vineyards have excellent sunlight all day long and they are planted in rows with Western direction, taking also into account the slope of the grounds.

The climate is Mediterranean, semi-mountainous with cool winters and warm summers. During the summer months there is a sweet breeze that blows from early afternoon to late evening. Because the area climate is dry during the cultivation period it prevents the emergence of deceases which in turn facilitates organic farming.

We cultivate the following varieties:
White: Malagouzia, Asyrtiko, Roditis
Red: Xinomavro, Merlot, Syrah

Our winery so far produces 4 main wines and one white ‘retsina’ wine
• Kamara Kioutsouki Estate Malagouzia, a white organic wine
• Kamara Kioutsouki Estate Assyrtiko, a white organic wine
• Kamara Kioutsouki Estate Xinomavro, a rose organic wine
• Kamara Kioutsouki Estate Xinomavro Merlot, a red organic wine
• Kamara retsina wine. This is a Protected Destination of Origin white wine from Greek grape varieties. A modern retsina wine with a delicate aroma of pergamont, citrus fruits and flowers, complemented by the complex flavor of the added resin