Estate Theodorakakos

In the heart of the Laconian land, on your course to Mani and Monemvasia, you will find the vineyards and the winery of the family of Georgios Theodorakakos, the Estate Theodorakakos. According to tradition, this is the region that, through the port of Monemvasia, supplied the aristocracy of Constantinople with wine, as they were familiar with the area due to their close relationship with nearby Mystras. The first vineyards of the estate were planted in the early 20th century by grandfather Nikolas.

In 1970, Georgios Theodorakakos planted the first linear vineyard in the region, prompting other locals to engage systematically with viticulture. Today, the 30,000 m2 covered by the privately owned Theodorakakos vineyards host rare local traditional varieties. Kydonitsa and Mavroudi can be found exclusively in Laconia. Its varietal range is supplemented by the local variety Monemvasia, as well as Assyrtiko, Roditis and Agiorgitiko, known throughout Greece. The small yields of the vineyards, which do not exceed 800 kg per 100 m2, contribute substantially to the high quality of the grapes. In 1996, the vineyards became part of the organic agriculture program and are certified by the DIO organization. For the Theodorakakos family, the production of healthy products, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, is a philosophy of life and a duty towards society. All wines at the Estate Theodorakakos are produced from grapes of its private vineyards and are designated Protected Geographical Indication wines (PGI Laconia), thus confirming their geographic origin.

The company aims to attract as many visitors as possible to the visitable Estate Theodorakakos, where they can tour the vineyards and the winery and learn about the wine production process through a hands-on experience.