Estate Papaioannou

Thanasis Papaioannou, the founder of Estate Papaioannou, is one of the first Greek producers who contributed to and promoted the idea that wine should keep its special features associated with the variety, the position of the vineyard, and the procedures followed by the winegrower – producer in favour of the biological balance. Estate Papaioannou has privately owned vineyards in various areas of Nemea. In general, it employs organic methods and grows different grape varieties, based on the composition of the soil in each position.

The son of the winegrower – producer Thanasis Papaioannou, Giorgos, is a chemist – oenologist and continues the tradition by actively participating in the cultivation of the privately owned vineyards of Estate Papaioannou, as well as in the works of the winery in Ancient Nemea. Their aim is to continuously improve the quality of the produced wine, maintain the high level hygiene and flavour profiles, and experiment on new wine types.

The size of the privately owned vineyard (630 stremmas) and the dispersion of certain vine fields in several areas within the zone of Nemea, characterized by different ecosystems and vine ages, allow Estate Papaioannou to achieve multi-dynamic wine results. The right choice of a satisfying number of vine varieties and the deep knowledge of the people in charge with regard to the vineyard and its cultivation contribute to the quality if this result.