Domaine Vassiliou

In 1905 Giorgos Vassiliou, the grandfather, born and raised in the area of Mesogia in Attica, created his own vineyards so he could make his wine. His son, Panagiotis, the second generation of winemakers, carries on the art and tradition of the family. After finishing his studies at the University of Dijon in France, oenologist Giorgos Vassiliou took on the family business, his goal to create bottled wine in which his family’s one hundred years’ experience would be harmonized with the European know-how of high quality wine production. Thus he created the winery of Domaine Vassiliou in Koropi, the first winery of the area that could be visited.

Domaine Vassiliou is a modern European unit with the appropriate mechanical equipment (horizontal presses, strong stainless steel tanks for fermentation control and rich aroma of the wine…). Many meters under the surface of the earth there are cellars for the aging of the wines. On the last level of the winery a large wine event hall has been created where a multimedia show highlights the long wine tradition of the area. This particular space is used for cultural events, banquets and conferences and for the wine club “Leschi Filon Tou Krasiou” (Winelover’s Club).

The traditional vineyards owned by Domaine Vassiliou are on the slopes of the Koropi area and cover a surface of 150 acres of well-drained calcareous and coppery soils. Among others, the varieties savatiano and roditis are planted in these vineyards and eleven different labels of the estate’s wines are produced from all of them.