Domaine Tselepos

After an extensive stay in Burgundy, where Yiannis Tselepos studied oenology, acquired wine-making experience and assimilated the philosophy of Burgundy wine, he returned to Greece in 1980 and settled in Mantinia.

For the next decade, he worked as a consultant oenologist in the area and was a leader in rejuvenating the Mantinia Moschofilero variety in the area.

He and his wife, Amalia, chose the lands at the foothills of Mount Parnonas in Arkadia to establish their vineyard. The excellent mesoclimate of the area in combination with the poor rocky clay soils were selected to produce high-quality wines.

The winery΄s philosophy is based on the belief that the future of Greek wine is the utilisation and promotion of native Greek varieties. Loyal to that philosophy, two extremely compelling Greek varieties, Moschofilero and Agiorgitiko, are grown on the estate΄s privately owned 45 hectares and are used as ambassadors in the winery΄s export activities.

Today, the Domaine Tselepos is integrated and verticalised, with a modern winery producing 350,000 bottles and exporting 30% of its wines.


Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Wines

1. Mantinia Tselepos
2. Nemea Driopi
3. Nemea Reserve

Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) Wines

1. Marmaria (Chardonnay)
2. Melissopetra (Gewürztraminer)
3. Avlotopi (Cabernet Sauvignon)
4. Kokkinomylos (Merlot)
5. Domaine Tselepos (Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot)

Sparkling Wines

1. Amalia Brut (traditional method)