Domaine Mercouri

The Domaine Mercouri is located in Western . Peloponnese , in the municipality Korakochori Tower , close to the port of KATAKOLO .

It is a historic farm oriented cultivation of vines and olives , which is in constant evolution , 150 years after its founding by Theodore Mercouri in 1864 , continues to supply the domestic and global market with wine and olive oil of highest quality . It belongs to the family Mercouri and today operates in the functioning of the 4th and 5th generation .
From the winery produces thirteen different today , award-winning wines at excellent price / quality ratio . The red ” Domaine Mercouri ” , ” Domaine Mercouri Cava”, ” Antares “, “Daphne Nera”, “Refosco- clone Mercouri ” and ” Avgoustiatis ” rosé ” Lampadias ” white ” Foloi ” , ” Foloi Fume”, ” Callisto ” and ” Coma Berenices ” and the sweet dessert wines ” Chortais ” and ” Belvedere “. These wines are produced from grapes of the vineyards of Domaine , with a total area of ÔÇïÔÇï160 acres , which are located in an area where the soil and climatic conditions are particularly suitable for the production of quality wines and grown about 15 different varieties.
The annual production of the company now exceeds 100,000 bottles. 40% is exported to over 10 countries worldwide . Meanwhile, Domaine Mercouri produces an extra virgin olive oil is bottled and is exported . Both the vineyards and olive groves of the estate is certified Integrated Farming.
Domaine Mercouri operates in the field of rural tourism service providers . These services relate to the possibility of visiting the premises of the winery , vineyards and olive groves of the estate and the small folklore museum with the collection of old farm tools and machinery. They also walk in the woods and the beach and general contact with the beautiful nature that surrounds the estate completed by tasting the products of our company, under centuries-old pine trees , overlooking the Ionian Sea and Zakynthos .