Domaine Gioulis

In 1993, George Giouls, agronomist and oenologist (university of Bordeaux II), having considering the characteristics of the mountainous region of Korinth, established in Klimenti, place of his origin, the winery Domaine Gioulis and planted his first vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon vines.

Actually, the winery of the domaine is located at the valley of Klimenti and the vineyards which consist 60 acres/8ha, have been planted in two different locations: in the slopes of the valley at 850 meters altitude and in the sunny slopes of the village of Velina, facing the Corinthian gulf at 1000 meters altitude. The vineyards adjoin the mountainous sites of the famous Nemea PDO, while in 1994 Klimenti was delimited from the minister of Agriculture and recognised as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Klimenti.

The cultivated grape varieties are indigenous Greek and international. The viticulture and winemaking techniques are applied highlighting the terroir of Klimenti. Cold winters and cool growing seasons, with big differences in temperatures between day and night contribute to the absence of pesticides and reduced diseases. The temperature does not exceed 30C during the midday hours. As a result the application of organic viticulture is favoured and the grapes mature well, obtaining concentrated, elegant fragrances with a characteristic crisp acidity.

The wines of the domaine are certified organically from the greek certifier DIO, according to the EU regulations for organic products.
The private label SOFOS ‘the wise one’ wines, white and red, destined for the US market are additionally verified from the NON GMO Project organization, being among the first verified NON GMO wines.

The aim of the family winery is the production of fine wines, from its privately owned vineyards, highlighting the qualitative characteristics of the mountainous PGI Klimenti.