Cavino is active in the field of wine and spirits production since 1958. The modern winery is located in the northern part of Egialia, Prefecture of Achaia, next to private vineyards, where the tradition of wine producing dates from antiquity.

Highly qualified agriculturalists, specialized in viniculture, strictly supervise all of Cavino΄s vineyards, both private and those owned by partners. Continuous care and scientific monitoring guarantee the high quality of our wine grapes.

The stainless tanks of Cavino΄s winery with cooling plate for keeping a stable temperature during the fermentation, the underground air-conditioned aging cellars with small oak barrels from France, the high-end automated bottling lines, and the air-conditioned rooms where we store the bottled wines complete our company΄s passion and lust to produce high quality wine.

Thanks to its dynamic, Cavino managed to achieve ISO 9002 International Quality Certification (1999), as well as compliance with the German standard HACCP & IFS (2003).

Being one of the largest Greek companies exporting wine, Cavino is proud to export its products to more than 27 countries, including several states of the European Union, Russia, the U.S., Canada, etc. Indeed, exports account for 75% of the annual turnover.

Cavino winery was announced as the best Greek wine producer for 2009 in the “International Wine & Spirit Competition”, one of the most important international wine and spirits competition, and was awarded the “Best Greek Wine Producer Trophy”.