The Cambas company is one of the oldest names in Greek winemaking. In the early days following its establishment in 1882, its name was associated with the production of the famous brandy. However, it soon began to create wines that expanded its reputation in the propagation sector as well. Within a decade, it managed to make history and all this by 1900. Since then, Cambas has been associated in the conscience of consumers with a name that make everyday life an enjoyable experience and brings them closer to the Greek vineyards.

Following in the footsteps of its founder Andreas Cambas, a true pioneer of his time, the company has adopted advanced techniques and now offers new products that satisfy the needs and preferences of our times. Cambas is charting a new course with the adoption of techniques such as screw caps for its wines instead of corks and the provision of good-quality wines in wine-in-a-box packaging.

Guided by its long experience of yesterday as well as the demands of today, Cambas has specialised in the art of combining different varieties to produce rich and flavourful wines. This art, which requires a deep knowledge of the special character of each variety, imagination and insightfulness, is perfectly suited to Cambas’ personality, serving to create wines with consistent quality and flavour.

The Cambas company produces Cava Cambas White and Red, Cambas Nemea Reserve and Cambas Mantinia, Cambas White, Red, Kokkineli (rosé) and Cambas Retsina, Semi-sweet Meliritos Red and White, Cambas Savatiano, Cambas Mavrodaphne, Karavaki Retsina, Chardonnay and Cambas Cabernet Sauvignon.