C. N. Chaniotis Winery

The C. N. Haniotis Winery is a family-owned, verticalised agricultural business involved in organic cultivation of 1 hectare of grapes, vinification and bottling of wine. It is located on the western slopes of Mount Kallidromo at an altitude of 250 m, 1 kilometre above Elatia in the shadow of Mount Parnassos. The winery and bottling facility are at the centre of the vineyard.

The grapes are vinified immediately following harvest and each tank is bottled one at a time so that the bottled wine is always fresh.
The goal is to bottle the grapes, the soil, the water, the air and the light of the earth without adding or taking anything away.
The wines we produce are made exclusively from grapes we grow on the estate.

Hanioti Dry White
A dry, full and lively wine that combines the body of an Assyrtiko with the freshness of a Rhoditis well able to accompany both seafood and meats equally well.

Haniotis Dry Red
A fresh, cool pink Kokkineli, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, with high acidity and a robust grape aroma, making it the ideal accompaniment for seafood, pasta dishes and white meats.

Haniotis Dry Rosé
The intense varietal aroma of Muscat, the traditional variety par excellence of Elatia, and its low acidity make it perfect for vegetable dishes and fruit.