Bosinakis Winery

Bosinakis winery has a strong family tradition in winemaking and passion for quality wine. Bosinakis family approaches winemaking with a singular goal… to let grapes tell their story. Over 50 year’s experience in producing high-end wine and unique microclimate of Mantinia have created products that boast a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label. Bosinakis winery is now run by Sotiris and Katerina Bosinakis. The winery has been producing wine since 1992, but just entered the bottled wine industry 9 years ago. In 2009, they bottled for the very first time, their PDO Bosinakis Mantinia.

The winery is situated at Steno village in Mantinia. In the high altitudes of Mantinia, the noble Moschofilero grape is cultivated producing the PDO wines, Mantinia.
Moschofilero is a pink skinned grape that gives white wine. Only Mantinia’s soil gives the right ingredients for a lighter body and finer edge of aromas that complements the usual Moschofilero backbone of flavor notes.
The vineyards are located at an altitude of 650 metres/2150 feet; the soils are dominated by clay. The harvest is taking place in the first week of October, each year. The production amounted to 40.000 bottles for PDO nad 5.000 bottles for Ieria.
They concentrate their knowledge and efforts in the grape of Moschofilero and they produce only two labels of it. Specializing in small lots of single vineyard wines, they’ve quietly earned a reputation for quality, passion in winemaking, and an easy-going approach to sharing their story with visitors.

Complexity without sacrificing elegance is what they are striving for.