Alpha Estate

The Alpha Estate is in the Amynteo grape-growing zone in northwestern Macedonia in an important geomorphologic position with a lovely view of Petres and Vegoritida lakes. It is located between the picturesque village of Nymfaio, the magnificent Pisoderi (Vigla) ski resort and the cosmopolitan ski area of Agios Athanasios (Voras-Kaimaktsalan mountains).

The model, privately owned, unified vineyard is at an altitude of 620-680 m near the lakes, with frequent, medium northwesterly winds, relatively low rainfall and sandy soils of low fertility. These elements make this a unique terroir ideal for producing complex wines.

The Alpha Estate is the result of a collaboration of two visionaries, – second generation vintner Makis Mavridis and oenologist and winemaker Angelos Iatridis. Their goal is to highlight and promote Greek vineyards and Greek wine on an international level.


The human factor ensures that all of the elements that the unique ecosystem of our vineyard generously provides to produce name-brand wines are properly showcased. Respect for the environment combined with the assurance of quality and standardisation of the wines is achieved through the application of the mildest grape-growing and winemaking processes, which are based on the latest international standards. Finally, professional training, experience and teamwork at all stages of the productive and promotional process contribute to earning the right of a wine to bear the Alpha Estate signature on its label.


Alpha Xinomavro Reserve Vieilles Vignes (PDO Amynteo)
Alpha Xinomavro Skantzohiros (“porcupine”) (PDO Amynteo)
Alpha Estate Red (PGI Florina), from Syrah, Merlot, Xinomavro
Alpha Estate White (PGI Florina), from Sauvignon Blanc
Alpha White (PGI Florina), from Malagousia
Axia Red (PGI Florina), from Syrah, Merlot, Xinomavro
Alpha Omega (PGI Florina), from Gewürztraminer