The Alexakis family is one of the most important representatives of Cretan wine. It owns the largest private winery in Crete, with ultra modern equipment, while, over its long course, it has worked with almost all the growers on the island.

The whole family works at the winery. The company is headed by its founder, Stelios Alexakis, an oenologist-chemical engineer, assisted by his wife Sophia, who is responsible for quality control. Their children, Apostolos and Lazaros, who literally grew up in the winery, are now oenologists, the first with a degree from the University of Florence and the second from Fresno University, California. Thus, the management of production, the design of new products and the company´s development went into the hands of the second generation, without losing a drop of the valuable experience and knowledge of their parents.

The Alexakis wines draw on a deep knowledge of the Cretan vineyards (varieties, soil, local weather conditions and viticulture); long years of collaboration have allowed the company to choose the most suitable vineyards and the best growers, to produce wines of the highest quality under its scientific guidance. Much of their wine is exported (to Russia, USA) – its major oenological ambassadors are the “Alexakis-Vidiano”, “Alexakis-Kotsifali-Syrah” and “Alexakis-Dafni”.