Achaia Clauss Quality Winemaking S.A.

PATRAS, 1854
Bavarian Gustav Clauss, captivated by the cultural refinement of the Achaean capital and the lively tastes of its vineyards, decides to establish the first wine estate in Greece.

He builds a homestead settlement, complete with cathedral towers in the form of belfries, thus enabling an entire village to live, work and thrive around the nucleus of wine production. Over the years, Gustav’s passion and wisdom will transform a small winery into an estate which will become the cradle of legendary wines.

PATRAS, 1873
1873 sees the birth of the full-bodied, sweet desert wine Mavrodaphne with its distinctive ruby red color. Soon after, the tantalizing and aromatic Patras Muscat variety gives rise to the charming delicate wine Muscat of Patras

PATRAS, 1901
In 1901 Gustav Clauss harvests his first crop from the mountainsides of Kalavryta and bottles Demestica for the first time.
Demestica becomes the ambassador for Greek wine production, its fame rapidly crossing the borders to spread Greek winemaking skills all over the world.

PATRAS, today
ACHAIA CLAUSS is in every aspect a modern business and winery, holding a significant market share in Greece and abroad. Our new labels, Aroma Lofou, in red and white, Epilogi Varelion a red wine from the Agiorgitiko variety, the complex, aged Chateau Clauss as well as the all-time classic Mavrodafne, are only a few of the wines produced by the oldest winery in Greece that win over more and more wine connoisseurs every day. Approximately two hundred thousand visitors annually take the opportunity to visit this establishment stooped in history and legend and to taste the ACHAIA CLAUSS products.