Although its presence in Greek vineyards accounts for a very small percentage of production, Viognier, nonetheless, has its loyal devotees – wine producers and consumers alike. It is encountered as a varietal wine and, commercially speaking, it can be classified as a wine of superior quality.

Its yields are low and it thrives in the cooler regions of Greece. Harvesting takes place from late August until early September. For Viognier to bring out its singular, exotically aromatic personality, reminiscent of peach, pear and tropical fruits, it has to reach high ripening levels. Some of these wines have the potential of maturing and developing in the bottle. The use of oak barrels ads complex notes, but must be done cautiously for it is very easy to spoil the variety’s delicate fruity character. The variety participates in a very small percentage in blends with the red variety Syrah. Wines based on Viognier usually bear PGI indication, such as PGI Epanomi (ΠΓΕ Επανομή).