A northern Greek variety, Negoska –also known as Popolka of Naoussa, constitutes yet another tile in the unique mosaic of varieties native to Greece. Its name derives from the Slavic Negush for the city of Naoussa- and reveals the variety’s origin. Nevertheless, at present, the variety is planted only on the slopes of Mount Paiko.

The volume of Negoska produced is so small that one rarely encounters the variety vinified on its own. Still, if not the leading actor of the Greek vineyard, the variety is still a worthy nominee for the Oscar of Best Supporting …Red Actor! A perfect blending partner for xinomavro it yields superbly unique reds and rosés and is responsible on its own for a handful of rosés. It is also blended into the PDΟ Goumenissa reds where Negoska undertakes to complement as well as tone down the region’s other red leading actor, xinomavro. Being dark and fruity, Negoska, with its medium acidity and tannins, is summoned to round off the blend, bestowing on Goumenissa wines a rounded, chocolaty, far tamer flavor than that Naoussa wines have.

Part of the distinct Goumenissa terroir, round Negoska comes to put its own finishing touch on a wine which admirably expresses the values of the old wine world, striking a sensitive chord with every wine lover wishing to truly delve into good wine.