Few are the grape varieties privileged enough to be exclusively planted in one single area. Even fewer are those who are named after a person! Yet, such is indeed the case of  Messenikola Black, the red-grape variety once planted near the breathtaking vista of Plastira Lake by Monsieur Nicolas (turned to Messenikola in Greek), a high-ranking Venetian official Plastira Lake: Thus, the varietals produced are not only rare but reminiscent of … Frankish rule as well!

Around 100 hectares of land in the greater area of the village of Messenikola, Karditsa, undertake to yield their harvest for those who wish to have a taste of this truly hard-to-find varietal. Yet, the odds that wine lovers wishing to taste this wine on its own will be able to do so are slim since it is usually vinified together with the international Syrah and Carignan varieties so that it may yield the PDO Messenikola (ΠΟΠ Μεσανικόλα) reds. Nevertheless, some efforts at producing monovarietals from Messenikola Black have revealed the darkish color, intense red and black fruitiness, soft tannins, and balanced palate of the variety.

What the future has in store for the glasses of restless oenophiles may be more wine from Mesenicola, this rare gem of a variety: Wine lovers will certainly come to appreciate the round and quaffable character of this little-known treasure buried in the Greek vineyard.