Kidonitsa is the most acknowledged member of an almost extinct and out-of-the-ordinary group of grape varieties emerging in the last 15 years out of the region of Laconia, located in the south-east of the Peloponnese. It is a white grape variety, mainly producing white dry wines, but it also plays a part in the blend of the brand new sweet white wine, PDO Monemvassia-Malvasia. Kidonitsa is just a glimpse of the great potential of that area.

Vine growers of Laconia have been aware of the potential quality of Kidonitsa for several decades. However, the area has many mixed plantings, so obtaining pure Kidonitsa was difficult. That was the situation until about ten years ago when some serious producers decided to make substantial new plantations. It is a variety that produces wine with medium lemony, green color, intense aromas, dominated by notes of ripe quince—called Kidoni in Greek (Kidoni-Kidonitsa). On the palate it is round, soft, and textured. Very few single varietal bottlings are available, with those that are coming out of Laconia. Nevertheless, it will be hardly surprising if winemakers from other regions invest on the prospect of Kidonitsa’s quality.

Kidonitsa exhibits a very singular provenance—the carrier of a rare bloodline—while, at the same time, its aromas and style can instantly charm lovers of aromatic, round white wines. It is very versatile and can be matched with poultry, salads, and white salty cheeses. It is a wine to be consumed within three years from vintage, but the more adventurous connoisseurs could keep a few bottles until the wine is five years old.