Avgoustiatis belongs to a group of very rare Greek varieties with a small acreage, produced only from a handful of wine producers but, at the same time, giving impressive, high quality results. This is exploring the edges of the world of wine as known today. It is a red grape variety producing mainly dry red wines.

Avgoustiatis produces wines with a deep, vibrant, purple red color, intense aromas of ripe red fruit and Mediterranean herbs, usually supported by elegant oak, while on the palate they have a round, medium full body, a moderate level of fine grained tannins and moderately high alcohol. It is a highly localized grape, found only in the western parts of Peloponnese. There is an increase of new plantings, but the area has some old vineyards of Avgoustiatis that are considered as real treasures by local producers. Given the rarity of the variety, single varietal bottlings can be difficult to obtain and some wine makers blend Avgoustiatis with other international or local red varieties like Mavrodaphne.

Selecting a bottle of Avgoustiatis shows someone who possesses a deep knowledge of wine internationally and is willing to discover new and challenging paths. The style of Avgoustiatis relates to people enjoying soft, ripe but not heavy dry red wines. It can be matched with meat roasts and yellow cheeses. Because of its velvety tannic structure, can be enjoyed immediately on release but will get more complex with four to six additional years of aging in the bottle.