Wine tourism on the Aegean Islands

The islands of the Aegean are the most popular summer destination in Greece. There are 60 inhabited islands, both large and small, as well as a number of other uninhabited or seasonally inhabited islands and reefs in the Northern Aegean and the Southern Aegean. These islands offer visitors a range of impressions, as far as geomorphology and landscapes, spatial layout and architecture are concerned, along with a wide variety of options for cultural, religious, marine or adventure tourism, or simply an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. Within this framework, wine tourism on the Aegean Islands is yet another attractive option for visitors.


There are also inexhaustible experiences to be drawn from local traditions and customs, at celebrations and festivals and musical events. And of course there are plenty of opportunities to discover the local edible and drinkable products and to enjoy the flavours and recipes which, because of the climate, make up a rather light cuisine that will add a flavourful dimension to wine tourism on the Aegean Islands.


The vineyards of the Aegean Islands are among the most historical and traditional in Greece, and with the help of the climate conditions, they are cultivated using methods that seem organic and often actually are. Although the widely known grape varieties are few, the islands are known for numerous local varieties (native) which are cultivated and used in the production of wines. The range of wines produced is extensive and is by itself a reason for wine tourism on the Aegean Islands. It is clear that the sweet wines of the islands stand out, as some of them are among the best-known sweet wines in Greece.


Wine tourism on the Aegean Islands is a generally attractive option for visitors to either the Northern Aegean or the Southern Aegean islands. Although the level of organisation and capacity varies, following the formation of the Association of Aegean Wineries (ENOANA) in 2008, it is anticipated that the “Wine Roads of the Aegean” will soon be a reality.