Wine tourism in Santorini

Wine tourism in Santorini is an important factor in the islands popularity as a major destination for visitors from all over the world. Naturally, the unique feature of this singular island is its geomorphology and the landscape that has been formed as a result of the volcanic eruption. One would expect that grapes would have difficulty flourishing on this barren and dry soil. Nevertheless, not only do they flourish, but the Santorini vineyards today are among the most important in Greece and produce the PDO Santorini wines from Santorini Assyrtiko grapes. With the unique shape of the vines (wreaths or crowns), the Santorini vineyards are a monument of nature and human ingenuity, and that is how visitors taking part in wine tourism in Santorini should look on them as they visit the numerous wineries, which include a wine museum.


In addition to its marvelous landscape, Santorini offers its visitors much to see, take part in and enjoy. The archaeological site in Akrotiri, ancient Thira, the Episcopal Church, the prehistoric and the archaeological museums in Fira, the Folklore Museum in Kontohori and the traditional village museum in Pyrgos are just some of the cultural tourism opportunities available and should include a visit to the traditional village of Oia, where the Thira Maritime Museum is also located. A journey to Santorini is not complete without a short cruise in the caldera of the volcano and a visit to the small island of Thirassia. The Santorini experience is rounded off by the unique local food products, such as the PDO Santorini Fava, tomato paste, white aubergine and others, as well as the exquisite cuisine offered in many restaurants which is the essential and ideal accompaniment to wine tourism in Santorini.