Wine tourism in Arkadia-Lakonia

Among the most interesting areas of the Peloponnese is its central Arkadia region, where the Mantinia vineyard produces PDO Mantinia wines from the white Moschofilero grape variety, and its southeastern Lakonia region, both of which make wine tourism in Arkadia-Lakonia extremely varied and intriguing. Starting with wine, the relation between Moschofilero and Mantinia is the most popular among Greek white wines. Arkadia is mostly a winter tourism destination and has much to offer visitors. In the central part of the region, visitors can see ancient Mantinia and the Pan-Arkadian Archaeological Museum in Tripoli housed in a listed building. Dimitsana with the old and new Monastery of Philosophos and the Water Power Museum, Stemnitsa with the Folklore Museum and Karitaina are beautifully preserved traditional villages on the western side of Gortynia, while the Mainalo Ski Resort will get the blood flowing. Of interest in the southern section are the archaeological site of the Episkopi, the ancient theatre of Megalopolis and the Archaeological Museum of Lykosoura, Mount Lycaeon and its monuments. Along the coastal section of Arkadia, which is ideal for summer holidays, visitors can see the castle of Paralio Astros and the Archaeological Museum of Astros. Mount Parnon intersects the eastern section of Arkadia and features the ecological park which continues southward toward the Lakonia region. Lakonia, where wine tourism in Arkadia-Lakonia concludes, is the area from which the long history of Malvasia wine began. It is this wine that the PDO Monemvassia-Malvasia designation established in 2010 seeks to revive. The central point of this zone is the unique town of Monemvassia and its castle. The Lakonia vineyard also produces PGI Lakonia wines. In and around Sparti, visitors can see the Menelaion, the Sparti Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil, Mystras and its museum and the archaeological site of Amyklaion. In Mani, in western Lakonia, there are many castles and fortresses, as well as the Cave of Diros. From Lakonia, visitors can easily travel to lovely Kythira where, among many other things, they can see the castle of the town of Kythira and the Kythira Archaeological Museum.