Wine tourism in Achaia

In the northwestern part of the Peloponnese, wine tourism in Achaia stands firmly on the great history and cultural traditions of the region. The extensive Achaia vineyard produces the PDO Patra and PGI Achaia wines. Without doubt, the most charming section of this wine-growing region is in the east, in the areas of Egialia and Kalavryta, where the PGI Egialia wines are produced. There are many points of interest in this region, including the Vouraikos Canyon and the rack railway, the Monastery of Agia Lavra and the Monastery of Megalo Spileo (Big Cave), the Cave of the Lakes and the Museum of Sacrifice by the People of Kalavryta. The main attraction in popular Kalavryta is the ski resort. The PDO Patra Mavrodaphne, PDO Patra Muscat and the PDO Patra Rio Muscat wines are produced in the central and western section of Achaia. The lovely city of Patras, being a port, is one of the points of entry into Greece. The new Archaeological Museum of Patras and Fortress of Rio are some of the things visitors must see, while a stroll along the Rio-Antirio Bridge is a unique experience, along with attending the Patras carnival.