Wine Route of Thessaloniki

The Wine Route of Thessaloniki extends through the eastern section of Central Macedonia and the District of Thessaloniki. The PGI Thessaloniki, PGI Epanomi, PGI Nea Messimvria and PGI Slopes of Vertiskos wines are produced in this area. The central point of this route is the fair City of Thessaloniki at the innermost point of the Thermaikos Gulf. Thessaloniki has a long ancient history and a number of sites make up the Open Museum, with many interesting routes. The city’s landmark monuments include the White Tower, the Arch of Galerius and the church of Agios Dimitrios, but there also many Byzantine churches to visit, such as the Rotοnda, Agia Sophia, Acheiropoietos and the church of Panagia Chalkeon. There are also many interesting museums to visit in Thessaloniki, such as the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace, the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum and the Museum of Photography. A particularly distinct area worth visiting is the Ano Poli district of Thessaloniki, which features castles, the Eptapyrgio Citadel and the church of Agios Nikolaos Orfanos.


In the eastern section, the Wine Route of Thessaloniki winds through an area where three rivers empty to form the Axios, Loudia and Aliakmonas Delta, which is part of the Terres d’ Eau programme. East of the city of Thessaloniki are the Volvi and Koroneia lakes, while the mountain massif offers visitors to the Wine Route of Thessaloniki many opportunities for nature tourism.