Wine Route of the Olympian Gods

The Wine Route of the Olympian Gods is located on the eastern edge of Mount Olympus, the highest Greek mountain of legends and myths. The route is naturally named for the mountain.


The Wine Route of the Olympian Gods begins in the northeastern part of Thessalia, in the Larissa area, where the Rapsani vineyards produce the PDO Rapsani red wines. The valley of Tempi, through which the Pinios River runs and which separates the Olympus and Kissavos mountains, is one of the most captivating routes in Greece. The traditional settlement of Rapsani is on the Olympus side and just opposite, on the Kissavos side, is the historic community of Ambelakia, composing a marvelous landscape that lends itself to unforgettable tours.


The Wine Route of the Olympian Gods continues northward to the Pieria area where PGI Pieria wines are produced. There are numerous scattered sites of archaeological interest in Pieria. The Dion Archaeological Park and its monuments particularly stand out, while other points of interest include the Castle of Platamonas. Pieria is also widely known for its extensive beach, which is a popular summer holiday resort.