Wine Route of the Lakes

The Wine Route of the Lakes is located in the Region of Western Macedonia. In the District of Florina it is centred around the Amynteo vineyards, where the PDO Amynteo wines are produced. The rosé and red Amynteo Wines made from the Xinomavro variety, as well as the white wines of the area, which are available as PGI Florina wines, are particularly popular. In the greater Amynteo area, places of interest include the Vegoritida and Petres lakes, the prehistoric settlement of Agios Panteleimonas and the village of Nymfaio with the wildfire park, where the Arcturos conservation organisation is active. To the west lies beautiful Florina, with the archaelogical museum and the Museum of Modern Art and the Prespes lakes and national park where visitors can see the basilica of Agios Achillios and the church of Agios Germanos. There are many opportunities for ecotourism in the area, while the Vigla Pisoderi Ski Resort is ideal for winter sport enthusiasts.


Past Florina, the Wine Route of the Lakes continues southwesterly through the Kastoria area where the PGI Kastoria wines are produced. With Kastoria as their base, located at the edge of Orestiada, visitors can see the Byzantine Museum of Kastoria and many Byzantine churches, such as the church of Pamagia Koumbelidiki. Some of the sites nearby include Dioklitianoupoli, the Avgi neolithic settlement, the lakeside settlement of Dispilio and its museum. To the west, the area around Mount Grammos is of particular interest.


The Wine Route of the Lakes continues through the centre of Western Macedonia and the Kozani area where the PGI Kozani, PGI Velvendo and PGI Siatista wines are produced. In the town of Kozani, visitors may see the archaeological collection and the Historical-Folklore Museum of Kozani, as well as the archaeological site and the Aiani Museum further to the south. The numerous points of interest in the area include beautiful Siatista, with manor houses such as the Dolgira Mansion-Museum, the Ecclesiastic Museum and the traditional wine cellars, the Byzantine fortress in Servia, the Byzantine monuments in Velvendo, the bridge of Morfi in Voio and the church of Agia Triada in Vythos. In the villages of Krokos, visitors will learn a great deal about the excellent quality PDO Krokos (Safron) of Kozani.


The Wine Route of the Lakes extends even further south to the fascinating region of Grevena, where there are many options for nature and adventure tourism, with the Vasilitsa Ski Resort among the top choices. As in neighbouring Zagorochoria in Epirus, there are also many stone-built bridges here, with the best known being in Kastro, in Alatopetra and in Portitsa. Also impressive are the paleontological findings in the Milia Museum of Natural History. Finally, Grevena is famous for its mushrooms and its cheese and dairy products.