Wine Route of Pella-Goumenissa

The Wine Route of Pella-Goumenissa winds through the northern section of Central Macedonia. The Goumenissa vineyards are in the western part of the Kilkis area where the PDO Goumenissa and PGI Slopes of Paiko wines are produced. Visitors to the town of Kilkis may visit the archaeological museum and the Agios Georgios Cave. Other points of interest in the great area include the Balkan Botanical Garden of Kroussia, the Loron, the Gynaikokastro acropolis, the Natural History Museum of Axioupoli and Doirani Lake.


The Wine Route of Pella-Goumenissa continues to the west toward the area of Pella, where PGI Pella wine is produced. The most notable site in the area is the archaeological site of Pella and its museum. In Gianitsa, visitors may see the Tomb of Gazi Evrenos and learn about the excavations at the Archontikon prehistoric settlement. In beautiful Edessa, visitors can see the waterfalls, the water museum and ancient Edessa. The Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort offers opportunities for action, while the Pozar hot springs, in the Almopia area are a relaxing alternative. Other nature tourism opportunities are available at the Almopia Speleopark.