Wine Route of Halkidiki

The Halkidiki region is south of Thessaloniki. It is the resort centre for all of Northern Greece and more. The Wine Route of Halkidiki runs through the Halkidiki vineyards, which produce the PDO Slopes of Meliton, PGI Halkidiki and PGI Sithonia wines and the PGI Mount Athos in the autonomous region of Mount Athos (Agio Oros).


Halkidiki features numerous interesting archaeological sites, such as the archaeological site of Stageira and Sidirokafsia, the archaeological site of Akanthos, the archaeological site of Mende, the archaeological site of Olynthos and the archaeological site of Potidaia. Of particular interest in the Kassandra area is Petralona Cave, while a significant section of the Wine Route of Halkidiki is located in Sithonia. Visitors should make sure to note the magnificent mountainous region of Halkidiki and particularly the areas of Arnea and Polygyros, where the archaeological museum is located. The island of Ammouliani is a special destination for excursions and holidays.



The Wine Route of Halkidiki would not be complete without a visit to Mount Athos. However, be prepared, as only men are permitted to enter; women will have to make due with a boat ride around Mount Athos on one of the sea cruises available either from Ouranoupoli or from Ierissos.