The prefecture of Serres borders with those of Drama and Kavala to the east and those of Thessaloniki and Kilkis to the west. Although it is surrounded by the Kerkini-Vertiskos-Kerdylion mountains to the west and by the Orvilos-Menioi-Pangaio mountains to the east, it is considered a relatively flat region. The Strymonas river, which springs from Bulgaria crosses the area and forms the fertile valley of Strymonas, flows into the Strymonikos gulf.

Although the wine history of the Serres region is going back to antiquity, modern history is relatively recent. Serres has a long tradition in the production of ouzo, but wine production has been growing rapidly only in recent years. The introduction of PGI Serres wine in 1995 and its revisions in 2004 and 2010, which permit more varieties in its composition, gave a real boost to the region’s wine production. Both indigenous and international varieties are cultivated.