Lasithi’s main winegrowing and winemaking zone is situated in its northeastern part, in the greater area of Sitia.

The vineyards of Sitia are found in one of the oldest winemaking areas of Greece and host a wealth of thriving native cultivars. Among them, the red varieties of Liatiko and Mandilaria occupy the lower altitudes on the foothills of Mount Orno, on the coastline of the Cretan Sea, near the town of Sitia. The white varieties of Vilana and Thrapsathiri primarily grow further south, on the Ziros plateau, at altitudes of up to 3,300 feet in mountainous and semi-mountainous terroirs. The vineyards reach all the way to the coastline overlooking the Libyan Sea on the island’s southern side. The vineyards of Sitia are planted in calcareous soil and are trained into traditional goblets.