Laconia has not managed to develop as much as the others, despite being one of the most important viticultural regions of Greece in the Middle Ages. Monemvassia, Laconia’s medieval port was, for many centuries, the place of origin of the famous Malvasia wine. The wine’s character and the varieties it came from remain unclear to this day. Currently, the number of varieties cultivated in the region is impressively large with producers making significant efforts to promote the area’s potential. Proof of this is the emergence of Kidonitsa, a local and relatively unknown white variety, which produces wines of medium acidity and aromas reminiscent of quince and citron.

The creation of a new appellation zone in Laconia, the PDO Monemvassia-Malvasia for sweet wines, is also an indication of positive developments in the oenological activity of the region and, by extension, of Greece as a whole. This white wine is made mainly from Monemvassia with the addition of Assyrtiko, Asproudes and Kidonitsa.