The most important viticultural area in the prefecture of Kilkis is the PDO zone of Goumenissa. Goumenissa includes Mt. Paikon, which at an altitude of 150-250m (500-800 ft.) provides easier conditions of cultivation as compared to those in Naoussa. The vineyards of Goumenissa lie northwest of Thessaloniki, planted in varied orientations on hilly terrain. Most plantings lie in semi-mountainous terroirs on slightly inclined slopes and in soil of moderate fertility. The variety predominantly cultivated in the area is Xinomavro, complemented by a limited number of plantings of foreign cultivars which have adapted successfully. One of the special features of the vineyards of Goumenissa is the local red variety of Negoska which comprises 23-30% of the total cultivation. The vineyards of Goumenissa are linear, with sparse planting densities of approximately 1,400 vine stocks per acre. All vines are trellised and cordon-trained bilaterally.