Ionian Islands

Although wine production holds a prominent position in the region’s tradition in almost all the Ionian Islands, Cephalonia is the leading pioneer, producing the most famous and superior quality wines. The rest of the Ionian Islands also have interesting wines, with Zakynthos being the birthplace of the Traditional Designation Verdea wine, produced on the island since the 19th century. The red Avgoustiatis variety also has a strong presence in Zakynthos.

Although it is the largest of the Ionian Islands, Corfu is of no particular oenological interest. Its prevailing varieties are the white Kakotrygis and the red Petrokorithos.

Lefkada favours the cultivation of Vertzami, which accounts for the largest percentage of vineyards of the island. Because it is a late-ripening variety, high altitudes make it difficult for Vertzami to ripen, delaying the process of sugar accumulation.