Ιn the prefecture of Imathia, is found Naoussa, one of the most important appellation areas of Greek vineyards, where Xinomavro is exclusively used for producing outstanding red dry wines.
In the vineyards of Naoussa, the Xinomavro variety takes up approximately 1,500-1,600 acres, most of it planted in linear formation. Due to the climatic conditions prevalent in the area, Xinomavro ripens late, after September 20, which increases its vulnerability in the cold and rainy years, when the tannic character of the wines becomes more pronounced. The diversity of topography and the soil of the vineyards of Naoussa are key determinants of the quality of the product.

Cultivations stretch along the foothills and eastern slopes of Mount Vermio, at altitudes of between 100 and 400 meters and on soil which ranges from acid schistose to high in lime and clay. Overall, Xinomavro matures better on calcareous soil with good drainage. The desired attributes of the wine are even more pronounced when it originates in vineyards with low yields per acre and appropriately tended to.