With its climate bordering on continental, Florina is the coldest viticultural area of Greece. The plateau of Amynteo in Florina is one of the most important viticultural areas in Greece.
The vineyards of Amynteo lie northwest of Naoussa, between the mountain massifs of Vermio and Voras. Xinomavro is the dominant variety. The area’s exceptionally temperate climate (thermal sum: 1,500-1,600dd) is due to the altitudes, which exceed 500-700 meters in semi-mountainous and mountain terroirs, but also to the presence of four lakes in the area, the largest of which is Vegoritida. Lying on the western side of Mount Vermio, the vineyards of Amynteo receive less rainfall and more sunshine than neighboring Naoussa. The soil of the vineyards of Amynteo has been formed by thick alluvial deposits on a calcareous substrate around the lakes, and is generally sandy, warm and of low fertility. They thus produce a Xinomavro variety with a different character from that of Naoussa. Due to its temperate and humid climate, the area also offers itself for the cultivation of many foreign cultivars. The vineyards are linear and mostly non-irrigated.
Amynteo is the only PDO area where the production of rosé still and rosé sparkling wines is particularly significant. Most sparkling wines are produced using the closed tank method (cuve close) while only a limited percentage is produced using the traditional method.