The talented chef Alexandros Kossivakis belongs to the new generation of top Greek chefs and is cooking for Chefi Restaurant located in Halandri area:

Put the olive oil into a pan and lightly sauté the onion. Add the rice and sauté it too. Pour the stock little by little on low heat and constantly stir. When the rice is soft enough, add the peppers, the olives, the fresh cream and stir. When the risotto is reduced enough, add the tomato, the oregano, the butter and the parmesan. Serve it by adding the diced cucumber and feta cheese crumbles on the top.

Α rose wine made from Agiorgitiko grape or the classic blend of Syrah/Grenache will be the ideal partner for this dish, inspired by the classic-reknown Greek salad. Opulent,but rather refreshing wines, with balancing acidity to counterbalance the rich texture and the tomato sauce in the dish. Enjoy!