Gikas Xenakis belongs to the new generation of top Greek chefs. He cooks for Aleria Restaurant in Athens (


In a wide pot, saute the onion and add the rice and stir for 1 minute. Add the wine and when it has evaporated add slowly the fish stock, stirring constantly. When rice is cooked and few liquid in left in the pot, add the butter, olive oil and cuttlefish ink and stir well to chelate the risotto. For the cream, whisk all the ingredients in a blender until a homogeneous cream. Serve the the risotto, put on top the grilled squid and last pour the spinach cream.

Wine Suggestion:

Enjoying a risotto has to do with its rich creamy texture. The cuttlefish ink gives flavor depth and richness to the dish while grilled squid a slight smoky sensation. Enjoy alongside a rich, creamy Chardonnay or Assyrtiko or an oaked Vilana or Vidiano. Avoid very aromatic wines and look for intensity, acidity and richness in your wine!