PGI Slopes of Egialia

In the district of Achaia, in the northwestern part of the Peloponnese, the PGI Slopes of Egialia zone (est.1997) comprises the municipalities of Egira, Akrata, Diakopto, Egio and Sympolitia, and the areas of Valta, Vilivina, Goumenissa (former Vryssari), Ano & Kato Doumena, Drossato, Ano & Kato Zahlorou, Kerpini, Korfes, Petsaki and Plataniotissa in the Kalavryta municipality. Zone vineyards must be planted at altitudes exceeding 250m.

Situated in the northeastern part of Achaia, the winegrowing zone of Egialia is one of Greece’s most magnificent vistas. Overlooking the Gulf of Korinthos (Corinth), the vineyards thrive on slopes which start at altitudes as high as 250 meters and often exceed 800 meters. Apart from the native cultivars of Lagorthi (yielding whites) and Volitsa (yielding rosés), the zone is also known for its successful cultivation of foreign cultivars whose wines supply many a winery outside the zone. There are six area wineries producing PGI Slopes of Egialia wines.


Lagorthi with Chardonnay (over 60%), Volitsa (over 60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (over 40%) and other recommended/approved varieties.

Wine types

  • Dry white
  • Dry rosé
  • Dry red