PGI Retsina of Pallini (ΠΓΕ Ρετσίνα Παλλήνης)

Since 1979, Retsina of Pallini, have become entitled to bear a geographical indication of origin and now fall in the category of PGI wines of Greece.The PGI Retsina of Pallini (ΠΓΕ Ρετσίνα Παλλήνης) zone encompasses the entire region of Pallini in Attika.

Retsina is produced by the addition of the natural resin extracted from pinus halepensis (commonly known as Aleppo Pine) before the start or during alcoholic fermentation. The maximum amount of addition is 1kg/hl. Having left only its aroma in the wine, the resin is then removed.


Savatiano and Roditis

Types of Wines:

-Dry white wine

-Dry rose wine